Scholarship -Pokhara University-2076

Pokhara University (PU) offers scholarships in affiliated colleges with 10% of the approved quota of scholars and 20% in constituent schools, with a view to create educational activity available to the underprivileged segment of society. Government and nongovernmental school or college graduates are eligible to use for scholarships and financial assistance. The PU Scholarship Selection Test determines to grant scholarships supported the qualifications of the applicants, economic history, evaluation followed by interview.

Scholarship Quota of Pokhara University-2076

Management QuotaHealth Science QuotaScience QuotaHumanities QuotaQuota Distribution
BBAB. Optom QuotaB-Arch BDEVSHealth Science
BBA-BIB. Pharma QuotaBE-Civil & RuralBECSHumanities and Social Sciences 
BBA-TTBNS QuotaBE-Civil Deploma Holder Management      
BCISBPH QuotaBE-Civil Science and Technology (KA)
BHCMBPT QuotaBE-Computer   Science and Technology (Kha)
BHMBSc Medical Bio-Chemistry QuotaBE-Electrical & Electronics  
 BSc MLT QuotaBE-Elx & Com  
 BSc Nursing QuotaBE-IT   
 BSc. Medical MicrobiologyBE-Software  
  BSc. Environ. Management  

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