Nepal oil corporation old question of Computer

Paper : Second

Subject : Service Oriented

Marks: 100

Time : 3 Hrs.

Section : (A)

  1. what are the fundamentals of error detections and correction in electronic communications? Describe in brief each of the technique used.
  2. Describe the different types of state transitions in operating system processes with a state diagram. what is RPC? Distinguish between Authentication, Authorization, and Access Control.
  3. Write short notes on : a) E-commerce b) Cryptography and Network Security
  4. a) Describe the basic architecture of a typical data warehousing system. b)Design an ER model of the following mini-case.

5. Describe the spiral process model for software development. Explain the different levels of the SEI-CMM model.

Section : (B)

  1. a) Discuss static RAM and Dynamic RAM. b) Draw the decade counter using J-K flip flop. Verify the operation through function table.
  2. what is the meaning of memory mapped input/output ? Explain it with a diagram.
  3. Explain the different types of tree traversals in depth-first search along with examples. Describe the Dijkstra`s algorithm for calculating shortest path in graph along with a worked out example.
  4. a) Explain polymorphism with an example. how does the factory design pattern work? b) Describe backtracking with an example. what are the different levels of Natural language processing?
  5. what do you mean by protocol ? Explain the functions and services of network layer and transport layer.

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